About Us

Angelique Munoz and Elizabeth Blancas are living their dreams. The dream was to create a fun, safe, friendly inviting environment for parents of doggies and for the doggies themselves. We realize your doggies come with many different needs. Our goal is to ensure your family members are given the love, attention and environment you would want to leave your "child". 


Not only do we care about our doggies and yours, we care very much about our world and really dislike the pollution we humans have caused! We are proud to say that we are a green company and try our absolute hardest to not add to the pollution! All products that we use are environmentally friendly as well non animal tested! We want to change this world for the better and encourage you and other companies to do the same.


Our interactions with your doggies use only positive reinforcement dog training methods. If at any time, there seems to be conflict or unsafe environment, we use separation techniques to diffuse. Much like kids at park who aren't get along. We use natural dog motivators like toys, treats, praise, and attention to elicit desired behavior. ​

Angelique Munoz - Owner & Pet Lover

Elizabeth Blancas - Owner & Pet Lover