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About Us

Providing care for pups is our dream come true! Our goal was to create a fun, safe, friendly inviting environment for all socialized pups. We have strived to create an environment where dogs aren't afraid to play, socialize, or even just relax - a place that feels like home! 

We have over a decade of personal experience caring for pups and 5 years professional experience. Throughout these years, we have learned so much about dogs and love to continue to learn things everyday - from dog behaviors and training methods to dietary information. We live and breath dogs - and we love every second of it.


Although we are not dog trainers, we reinforce training everyday and use training methods to keep a controlled environment, you can feel confident your pup will not lose their learned training or gain bad habits. We have thought of everything to assure parents peace of mind.

Angelique Munoz - Owner & Pet Lover

Elizabeth Blancas - Owner & Pet Lover

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