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  • What is a trial day? How long does it take?
    A trial day is a day we dedicate to assessing your pup. This is required before a regular day of daycare or boarding stay and it is FREE! It starts off with a 30-60min initial evaluation where we test basic obedience, boundaries, and observe all interactions with us and the pups we introduce to them. If the pup passes the initial evaluation, we will introduce them to the rest of the group. We then continue to observe them throughout the day to ensure we are a good fit for them.
  • How much does daycare cost?
    Daycare prices vary throughout Los Angeles, but we have tried to make our pricing as simple as possible and affordable! A full day of daycare(6+ hours) starts at $42/Day, we also offer daycare packages that bring the price down to as low as $22/day depending on which package is purchased. You can check out our daycare packages when you click here! If you are looking for shorter days, we offer Half Days(6 hours or less) for $30/Day. We do not offer packages for half days at this time. In addition to our competitive pricing, we offer a one time 10% Discount on any package when purchased on the same day as the trial day!
  • Do you offer training?
    Although we do not train pups, we reinforce training everyday! As long as pups have some foundation of training, we strive to maintain that training and help them learn new skills. If you are looking for foundational training, we are happy to refer you to a couple different trainers we know!
  • Do you offer Live Webcams?
    Yes we do! It is important to us that parents feel as comfortable as possible when letting their pups stay with us. Whether your pup is here for daycare or boarding, you can access the cameras Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm and Saturdays 10am-5pm.
  • How does boarding work? How is boarding priced?
    We offer boarding all year around! When boarding, pups get to play and hang out all day from open to close. Within this time, we offer 3 meal times - breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as a nap time from 1pm-2pm. We keep pups engaged by offering them ball time, pool days, and practicing basic obedience throughout the day. You can feel at ease while you are away, knowing your pup is safe and having fun! Boarding is priced at $55 per night, you can check your pup in anytime between 6:30AM-5PM Monday through Friday or 9AM-3PM on weekends and holidays. Checkout is anytime between opening-12pm, if check out time is exceeded, there is a $30 half day charge that is honored until closing. With the base rate, we include all day play, a personal and comfortable crate overnight with water and a blanket, 3 feedings, access to our livestream cameras, and lots of love! We also offer private rooms for an additional fee. Please make sure your pup meets all of our requirements before a boarding stay. For any additional information or a quote, give us a call at (323)868-9990 or email us at
  • What are your requirements?
    We require a total of 5 vaccines, which include, Bordetella, Distemper(DHPP), Rabies, Influenza and leptospirosis. When getting the initial vaccines as puppies, they require multiple rounds of each vaccine to be fully protected. Please make sure your pup has all rounds of all vaccines listed before requesting a trial day. We also require Basic Obedience(i.e. Sit, down, and stay) to ensure we keep control of the playroom - as we use basic obedience to redirect unwanted behavior. In addition to basic obedience, we require pups to understand/respect boundaries of other pups to ensure the safety and comfort of all pups. All pups must be spayed/neutered by the age of 8 months. All pups are also required to wear a collar or harness with a name tag in the event of an emergency(natural disasters) where evacuation of the facility is required. Lastly but most importantly, we require all pups to be dog and human friendly! We test all the physical requirements during our evaluations on every pup's first day. Be sure to register and request a trial day before bringing them in!
  • Do all dogs pass your evaulation?
    Although we would love to accept every pup, not all pass our evaluation. Safety has and will always be our number one priority, therefore, there are a lot of things we take into consideration when accepting a pup into our environment. To ensure safety and overall wellness, we do not accept pups that: Do not respect/understand the boundaries of others. Pups that don't respect boundaries are at a huge risk to get bit by others. Not only does this cause stress and fear in the moment, these incidents may cause a pup to become reactive or have other issues in the future. Do not show basic obedience inside and outside of the playroom. Pups that don't have basic obedience can cause an unsafe environment by not responding to the handlers when trying to redirect unwanted behaviors(i.e. humping, rioting, rough play). Basic obedience helps us keep our playrooms controlled, structured, and most importantly safe. Show reactivity, dominance, or aggression towards humans or pups. Any form of aggression, dominance, or reactivity in a group setting can be extremely dangerous to the pups and handlers in our environment.
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